Roof Sheeting Cape Town


High Quality Polycarbonate Roof Sheeting

Polycarbonate sheeting is a high quality, virtually indestructible translucent roofing material.

Polycarbonate is one of the most advanced polymers available. Polycarbonate sheets have a coextruded layer of highly UV stabilized polymer on the surface to create a weather resistant surface.

The sheets have exceptional impact strength, have outstanding flame retardant characteristics and resistance to weathering.

These qualities make Polycarbonate an attractive and cost effective choice.


Selecting the correct sheet is important. Take time to examine the weather conditions vs. the
desired end result before making a final decision on which product, profile and colour you
are about to purchase and install.

Below are a few factors to consider prior to your purchase:

:: In which direction will my roof structure be facing?
:: How much water will my roof need to cope with?
:: Clear & Opal sheets are perfectly FINE for plantlife.
:: Blue & Green sheets NOT suitable for plantlife.

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